Mistress of the Dark

Brittany, 21, canadian, vegetarian, atheist, girlfriend, auntie, dreadhead.

Rock and roll. Deal with it.

I like pugs, elvira, pink, hedgehogs, sex and the city, she wants revenge, kids in the hall, peep show, absolutely fabulous, portia de rossi, the office, coffee, christian borle, battlestar galactica, john gallagher jr, rent, dylan moran, sheep, taylor momsen, charmed, dreadlocks, little britain, richard ayoade, legally blonde the musical, the mighty boosh, edward norton, conor oberst, tim burton, dario argento, justin hawkins, phantom of the opera, star wars, marina and the diamonds, red lipstick, into the woods, bats, the addams family, pokemon, disney, wicked, static-x, horror, sushi, books, ruby gloom, star trek, sweeney todd, audrey hepburn, rob brydon, mary-kate and ashley olsen, ideal, halloween, the rocky horror picture show, repo! the genetic opera, vincent price, QI, etc.

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